Hydro-Actif are the UK’s leading provider of REPS accredited water exercise training programmes.  We use our specialised knowledge of the equipment, music and the expertly crafted routines that make up the core of this expanding exercise programme.  Our instructor trainers are passionate, well qualified exercise leaders within the industry.

Hydro-Actif will also support you in choosing the right equipment for local or instructor training classes. Our online shop offers a wide range of suitable equipment from supportive swimwear to PPL-free music at just the right BPM, to ensure you get the most out of your water exercise classes.  If you need equipment advice please feel free to call or email with questions.

Steph Toogood, Hydro-Actif’s Education Director offers local classes on the Isle of Wight in water exercise, using scientific methods to maximise results safely without stressing the body, using her many years experience as a water exercise instructor to choreograph the perfect aqua work out programme.

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