Swimwear Sizing

I often receive telephone calls in the office from customers who are unsure of the size swimsuit they should order.  Unfortunately swimsuit sizing is not an exact science but here are some general guidelines which I hope may help you. The sizes quoted on...

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Loaded Movement Training By Ruth Sova, MS

An emerging trend known as Loaded Movement Training (LMT) is an effective way to help clients develop total-body strength and muscle definition by training all of the muscles together as one system. LMT is movement-based resistance training that combines full-body,...

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Music: How to be a TOP Instructor! By João Santos, MS

Despite what we may have heard, the connection between music and exercise didn’t start with Jane Fonda’s dance aerobics or the Sony Walkman portable cassette player. There is data confirming that BC, rowers on the Roman galleys utilized a drumbeat to drive the rhythm...

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