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I became a passionate and committed Aqua instructor though a series of life events.

When my children were small and they were learning to swim it became very boring sitting and watching. So helping seemed the solution. From there I progressed to qualify as a swimming instructor and coach. Then followed various gym, ETM etc. qualifications. Put the swimming with the ETM and what do you have. This was my epiphany! Water Exercise! My passion! – this was circa 1989.

Out to the States to get more qualifications and finding AEA and Hydro-fit together with Speedo gave me the “icing on the cake”.
In 1994 I created Hydro-Actif and the rest is history. From training courses with 2 or 3 students the company has grown to have a team of 5 dedicated tutors and has trained thousands of instructors.

The highlight of my year is the convention in May in Florida – IAFC. I have attended and presented for them for many, many years as well as regular visits to teach at other events such as IDEA and Hydro-Fit. This direct link to education in the States has allowed us at Hydro-Actif to be at the cutting edge of information.

I am thrilled to be the organiser of the Annual Hydro-Actif convention at Nottingham University (20th year) and the Southern Seminar in London annually.

Hydro-Actif will soon be offering training for the Arthritis Foundation in the UK as I continue to bring and share the best in water exercise education to come from the US to the UK.

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It’s about passion, find your passion and immerse yourself in it. At school my passion was Volleyball, then it became Group Exercise, then I did my Aqua training and it all made sense.

In my workshops for Hydro-Actif I have combined my love for the mediums of dance, Pilates and yoga with my passion for Aqua

I have been a Fitness instructor for over 25 years and a tutor for Hydro-Actif for 10. My goal is to help create a new generation of passionate and informative Aqua instructors to spread the enthusiasm for the benefits of exercising in water.

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I have been teaching in the fitness industry for over 20 years now. I teach a wide range of fitness classes. Aqua, LBT / Aerobics, Zumba, Zumba Aqua , body conditioning , HITT, senior classes and boot camp sessions.

From a young age I have always been interested in sports and fitness and helping people reach their fitness goals young and old. I started teaching at a health club as an attendant/ gym instructor and worked my way up to an assistant manager helping run the club, teaching classes and gym workouts for clients.

I decided then to go out and become freelance and work for myself. To this day I still love and teach with a passion.


Having always been interested in sport from a young age I became curious about human biology, how injuries occur and how we can heal. This curiosity led me to water aerobics and I found my passion.

I did my first aqua training at 17 and have grown my knowledge from there. I’m now a qualified sports rehabilitator and I love that no matter what your fitness ability or age, Aqua aerobics is great for everybody. You might be a pentathlete that can use the drag of the water for an intense cardio workout or you could have a recent knee injury and use the buoyancy of the water to help regain full range of movement.

As an instructor I hope to share my knowledge and passion to all and help new instructors see that the benefits from aquatic training vast and very rewarding.


I have been in the fitness industry since 2011, following a career in Secondary Education as a Teacher of Physical Education and Head of Year. I trained initially in London as an Aqua Instructor, originally to assist with covering classes. Aqua became an absolute passion and I regularly attended water training and conventions organised by Hydro-Actif, to further develop my teaching.

Now a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates and Studio Instructor, I am based at the Spiceball Leisure Centre in Banbury. I have now turned my focus to aqua and have further interests in expanding the programme offered. I am excited to be part of the new Hydro-Actif Team and look forward to continuing my journey of learning and sharing knowledge, within a network of expertise.