90’s Forever Vol 3


Can you believe it? The 90’s are retro chic, this compilation is just perfect for you and your classes and prove the 90’s live on forever! In Volume 3 of this hit series, you and your students will instantly recognize every song in this mix which will bring motivation and energy to each time you teach to it. Get ready to enjoy this walk down memory lane!

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135   Gonna Catch You- Lonnie Gordon*
135   Wannabe- Spice Girls
135   To Be With You- Mr. Big
135   Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)- Technotronic
135   Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys
135   Tribal Dance- 2 Unlimited
135   Get Ready For This- 2 Unlimited
135   Sweet Dreams- La Bouche
135   Pump Up The Jam- Technotronic
135   U Can’t Touch This- Mc Hammer
135   How Do You Do- Roxette
135   Fading Like A Flower- Roxette
135   Think About The Way- Ice Mc
135   Dream A Dream- Captain Jack
135   Step Back In Time- Kyle Minogue
135   The Real Thing- 2 Unlimited
135   Cotton Eye Joe- Rednex
135   Push It- Salt N Pepa
135   No Limit- 2 Unlimited
135   Strike It Up- Black Box

* not recorded by the original artist


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