The Sound of Ibiza 2018


Fresh and clubby, just like the iconic island! Great songs, electro themes, and that irresistible party attitude jam 2018’s best Ibiza anthems into one workout track that’s so hot it’s cool! Crash the party and bring some friends…everyone will want a piece of this action.

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130   Follow My Pamp-Andrea Damante Ft. Adam Clay*
130   In This Groove- Simon Adams & Dj Fopp
130   Jump & Sweat- Garmiani Ft. Sanjin
130   Free- Bacon Popper Ft. Paola Peroni & Sam Stray Wood
130   Saviour- Iggy Azalea
130   Now We Got It Going- Luca Bisori
130   Havana- Camila Cabello
130   Biso Is Free- Luca Bisori
130   Without You- Majkol Jay Ft. Majuri
130   Amazzonia- Giorgio Giordano
130   Look At Me Now- Andre Le Phunk Ft. Maiya Sykes
130   Fiesta Loca- Desaparecidos
130   God’s Plan- Drake
130   Body- Loud Luxury Ft. Brando
130   Get Low- Dillon Francis & Dj Snake
130   Up All Night- Beck
130   Get Loose- Lil Jon
130   Magenta Riddim- Dj Snake

* not recorded by the original artist


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