Specialist Workshops

Hydro-Actif offer a wide variety of specialist workshops which cover every subject within water exercise.  Workshops are designed for qualified instructors to enhance their skills and learn to use specific pieces of equipment, e.g. noodles, hand buoys, etc.  Most workshops are 4 hours long and include a pool practical session.  Bespoke workshops can be discussed if you have specific requirements.  Hydro-Actif workshops offer CIMSPA CPD points. Please contact us if you would like more information about education for your staff. Workshop dates that are open for booking now can be found by clicking here.


Mature Moves – Mobility Matrix     ST                    DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Interesting progressive movement patterns to ease orthopaedic issues.  An exercise prescription to improve joint mobility and ROM.  Multi-planar challenging routines to help improve functionality and the ability to cope with ADLs.  Joint issues and conditions caused by ageing will be discussed with current research statistics and recommendations for exercise considered.

Smart Circuits            ST                    DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
A triple treat for sociable seniors showing a variety of methods of motivation to ensure fitness improvements. Working in two groups encourages interaction with an ME segment combined with a BALANCE AND ROM element followed by a progressive CV SESSION with travel interspersed and finally the groups complement and compete using level l and ll. Effective motivational formats.

Toogood to be true – triple interpretation of the word circuit offering CV ME BALANCE AND ROM

360 Angles for Balance and Core in Deep                        ST                           DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Core strength benefits from 360 degree movement. Enjoy exploring the body’s natural ROM and freedom of movement to reach all points on the compass with varied and progressive body positions to challenge balance, improve posture and joint integrity using varied and purposeful movement.  Move sagittal, frontal and diagonal utilising tempo changes to encourage healthy, stable and flexible joints and strong yet balanced muscles. This is purposeful 360 degree choreography that relates to real life for strength, flexibility and fluidity.

H20 Total Core Solutions                          ST                           DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Explore a medley of elements to train stability and mobility.  Learn to blend static and dynamic balance with body sculpting segments using symmetry and asymmetry.  A total balance and fitness fusion.

  • Design functional exercise that blends and flows.
  • Discover asymmetrical movement to challenge core muscles and improve balance skills.
  • Learn how to link dynamic and static balance postures to assist with fall prevention.
    Feel how contrasting elements offer a complete fitness programme.

Hand Buoy ABCs                  ST                           DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
An entire workout using a single hand buoy (foam dumbbell) and targeting aerobic conditioning, balance training and core strength. Learn to use a single hand buoy to work for a specific function in your class for the warm-up, cardio, strength and cool down portions.  This is specificity with equipment.

360 Angles for Balance and Core      ST        DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Add functional training into your existing aqua classes with arm and leg exercises and combinations that move in all directions – planar and multi-planar. Take away ideas for making your choreography fun and purposeful or use these functional movements to form a balance and/or core class.  This choreography is suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified or enhanced to suit the individual.

Mature Moves                       ST                                DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Steph’s latest, scientifically based seniors programme.  This workshop demonstrates choreography that offers functional training to improve your mature students activities of daily living and their quality of life?  This workshop teaches a complete programme that you can duplicate at your pool.  An absolute must if you teach the more mature adult!

Mindful Mature Moves                     ST
An exercise formula to promote independence and minimise loss of function due to ageing.  Understand the factors which affect age-related loss of function.  The 5 segments include training variables that focus on functionality with balance and fall prevention exercises followed by multi-directional gait patterning.  A further segment mimics sit-to-stand and all musculature is then lengthened to open the joints to promote flexibility and ensure good posture.  All movement translates to functional ADLs.

Deep ABC (Angles, Balance, Core) Training              ST
Use deep water to the max! Explore varied working positions and use the limbs to both stabilize and destabilise the body with symmetrical and asymmetrical movements.  Investigate progressive exercise through 360 degrees to ensure muscle balance and joint integrity.  Soft, sequential patterns integrated with rigid power moves will excite all abilities for optimal fitness benefits

Ultimate Equipment Solutions         ST                    DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Four eclectic segments showing flowing combinations with buoyant equipment in shallow water. Includes:-
*          Kickboard Choreography – learn multi-planar, functional moves using any kickboard
*          Beyond Basics with Buoys – train for muscular endurance using hand buoys
*          Inter-Actif Noodle Bar – dynamic partner-work – competitive and fun
*          Transitional Tuck & Turn – Maximal results utilising mid-depth water

Ultimate Equipment Solutions in Deep        ST
An exciting workshop to give the instructor the skills and knowledge to utilise various items of equipment in deep water. Includes:-
*  Review the deep difference to maximise the student experience
*  Learn to design effective programmes using a selection of equipment.
*  Understand how to use buoyant equipment for flotation and drag.
*  Design movement that effectively targets both CV and ME
*  Discuss essential components to include warm up and cool down

H20 Total Body Solutions      ST                                                        DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
A total body workout to ensure muscle balance and joint integrity.  Multi-planar, meaningful movement focusing on 5 main articulations (knee, hip, spine, elbow and shoulder).  Segments of choreography that progress and flow through tempo changes including influences from many popular exercise modalities.  Optimal results using shallow water and mitts.

Tranquility & Turbulence
Indulge yourself and celebrate the joy of mindful movement in the water.  Discover how to integrate high intensity training with purposeful relaxation techniques.  Strengthen your body and nourish your soul as you discover a newly ignited power (turbulence) and grace (tranquillity) from within.

H₂0 More Total Body Solutions                     ST
A total body workout to ensure muscle balance and joint integrity.  Multi-planar, meaningful movement focusing on the main articulations of the body.  Segments of choreography that progress and flow through tempo changes utilising both simple and complex movement.  Optimal muscle strength and joint health results using shallow water and mitts.

Innovative Senior Intervals               ST
An efficient, eclectic exercise prescription designed to improve fitness and function.  CV intervals, combined with co-ordination training, interspersed with ME segments which mimic ADLs with an additional balance element for a complete integrated programme specific to the needs of a mature population.  Interval training the senior way!

5 Point Focus              ST
Learn to plan exercise to minimise the effects of ageing using a 5-point plan.  Focus on using the 5 main articulations of the body.  Develop 5 essential qualities (posture, stability/mobility, MS/ME, CV and co-ordination). Plan exercise with purpose that encompasses primal moves and includes useful learning patterns progressing from simple to complex for a complete programme.

Pivot Point Trio                      ST
A triple training challenge using the hip, shoulder and ankle joint as the fulcrum to design multi planar progressive movement to encourage increased stability and mobility in these three complex areas. The eclectic multi directional patterns will progress to strengthen and incorporate the entire musculature   of the body. Tempo and range of motion will vary to encourage students to work both optimally and yet individually. This is PIVOT WITH PURPOSE!

Mature Moves II                     ST
More ideas, more exercises and more current research. A stimulating programme to provide mature movers with a progressive plan to enable the individual to use water exercise to aid cognitive development.  A competitive cardio segment is included to assist with motivation and the essential social aspect of class is demonstrated. The main focus will be mimicking ADL’S  and IADL’S.

Dynamic Joint Mobility Drills            ST
Multi-planar meaningful movement focusing on 5 main articulations.  Progressions and modifications to accommodate pre-existing conditions.  An aquatic programme focusing on stability and mobility, ensuring muscle balance and joint integrity.

Ageing Well                ST
Investigate the factors that affect age related loss of function resulting in frailty.  Maintaining independence means addressing a multitude of factors.  Review the diverse physiological components and learn to design an exercise prescription that includes training variables. Pool Lab includes exercises for balance and fall prevention, gait and simple exercises to imitate sit-to-stand.  Experience multi tri-planar movement that translates to more functional ADLs.

“Core-Cross” Challenge         ST
Maximise core work by manipulating buoyancy on the limbs. Use symmetry but mostly asymmetry varying the tempo and the lever length to ensure that both global and intrinsic musculature are engaged to assist with dynamic stabilisation.  This programme will encourage muscle balance and help with postural improvements. This is CORE AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Mature Moves Aqualibrium              ST
Use the aquatic environment to achieve equilibrium – a state of physical balance. Learn to design exercise that achieves muscle balance, joint balance and total body balance.Identify muscles that require strengthening or lengthening to promote improved posture. Plan an exercise prescription to ensure joint integrity manipulating articulations multi planar and include symmetrical and asymmetrical poses and postures to assist with fall prevention.A trio of balance challenges!

Senior Super Singles- Max Core Work              ST
Asymmetrical repeater patterns to challenge the core, enhance posture and improve balance with size and tempo variations with interesting transitions. This programme reaches through 360 degrees with progressions to challenge all levels using isometric and isotonic muscle contractions. Soft sequential limb movements contrast with power segments to encourage appropriate stability, mobility and strength in all major articulations.

Total Core 4 x 4          ST
Total core experience using the manipulation of buoyancy on the limbs.  Unilateral/bilateral and ipsilateral/contra lateral.  Buoyancy placement using mini cuffs on both the wrist and the ankle.  Vary the tempo and range of motion including both static and dynamic stabilization to ensure the engagement of both global and intrinsic trunk musculature.  This is core and much, much more.  Core to the power of 4!

Ageless Aqua Solutions         ST                                            DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Enjoyable exercise using rhythmical movement to motivate the unmotivated and to encourage an often sedentary population to enjoy working to improve function.  Mostly basic, simple choreography, interspersed with more complex sections to ensure focusing of the mind.  Each segment offers meaningful movement that can assist with the deceleration of the effects of the ageing process and improve quality of life, enhancing the joy of living with an active lifestyle.  This lively, varied workout showing progressions and modifications will elevate mood and raise self-esteem for this very special population.  Throughout, the emphasis will be on balance, co-ordination, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Noodle Programming Solutions        ST                                            DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Everything you need to know about the noodle. Learn cardiovascular (CV) progressions, muscular endurance (ME) sets with exercises that are both fun and functional. Develop your noodle programme to include team work and even circuits. A must have for complete noodle knowledge.

DISCO Waves                                       CB                          DVD SUPPORT AVAILABLE
Press the play button on your favourite 70’s playlist and transform the pool into a dance floor. Enjoy simple blocks of add-on choreography designed with a touch of Saturday Night Fever and a huge dose of functional movement.  A fun shallow water routine for both the choreographed and the unchoreographed.

CHIC Training                       CB
New effective time efficient group training to suit those students that are looking for that extra challenge.

C = Circuit format to suit all Pool layouts
H – HIIT style class to accommodate all fitness levels
I – Interval training for maximum results both ME and CV
C = Combat moves to add power and enjoyment

This workshop offers an eclectic mix of ideas to engage both mind and body

Global Dance Solutions Series 1 and 2          CB
This workshop is an opportunity to polish your dance floor moves and take them to the water. Packed full of inspiring moves to uplift and motivate your classes, with sizzling sections of choreography enabling you to build endless combinations.  Pass your passion for dance to your clients with these empowering, innovative moves.

Senior Tea Dance                   CB
Strictly fever comes to the water! Captivate your seniors and help them relive their youth with this ballroom-based workout.  Challenge their co-ordination and motor skills with a workout designed to lighten the mood and relive the spirit of a bygone era, ensure they’ll never score less than 7 again!!

Choreography Solutions        CB
A workshop to give you all the choreography ideas you’ll need to build a great repertoire and to focus your sessions. Full of combinations to allow you to appeal to a wide range of fitness and functionality levels. Create contrasts using tempo and direction changes and challenges with multi planar sections.  From simple to complex choreography for all levels.

Tabaqua        CB
Based on the latest research into interval training methods, this high intensity workout has been adapted to suit the aquatic environment.  Fast results with high intensity in just 30 minutes.  The workout combines bursts of high intensity exercise done at near maximum capacity separated by low intensity intervals as recovery. Recent research has shown that such workouts improve fat burning and aerobic capacity. Designed with fitter clients in mind this workout can also be adapted for the de-conditioned to give them results quickly. Try this with your clients and leave them begging for mercy!!

Tabaqua & Tone        CB
Based on the latest research into interval training methods, this high intensity workout has been adapted to suit the aquatic environment.  The workout combines bursts of high intensity exercise done at near maximum capacity separated by low intensity intervals as recovery. Fast results with high intensity in just 30 minutes.   Add 30 minutes with buoyant hand buoys for toning and sculpting the body.  A complete cardio and muscular endurance experience in one session.

Aqualoxing           CB
Combines the power, speed and agility from boxing with sculpting and flexibility from Pilates for a totally empowering workout.  This high energy fusion of boxing and Pilates will energise and motivate your clients to work optimally yet individually. Multiple tempo variations help release stress busting endorphins whilst maximising calorific output. Balance and co-ordination challenges are interspersed throughout. This is choreographed Boxing and Pilates.  This workout will burn max calories

  • Build lean muscle
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase confidence
  • Increases core strength
  • Empowers clients
  • Improves speed flexibility and vitality

Aqua Jogging           CB
Effective formats to encourage all fitness levels to use water to improve stamina, style and muscle tone. Learn to use different pool shapes to the max interspersing simple jog type movement with other sports related exercise.  Investigate intervals versus steady state and the benefits of adding both drag and buoyant equipment.

Combat Drills        CB
Totally unleash the inner you with a fiercely energetic workout with driving music designed to improve speed power and endurance. Generate a great group dynamic to motivate participants with a military style workout to improve both cardio vascular capacity and muscular endurance.  This is a serious workout for serious exercisers and not for the faint hearted.

In summary your clients will see:

  • Improvement in heart and lung function
  • Tones and shapes
  • Burn calories
  • Improves posture, core strength and stability
  • Increases self confidence, strength and power
  • Reduces blood pressure and combats stress
  • This will leave your clients fighting fit!